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Brown Cell Fat Loss – Omega-3 to the Rescue

We are a country of adults and obese children, and this has become a national health crisis. Obesity is simply the result of an imbalance between calories and energy expended. When you see an obese person, you can understand that all this excess weight is an extra energy that this person has not spent. Unfortunately, losing weight can be a challenge, if not impossible.

There are two types of fat cells; brown fat cells and white fat cells. White fat cells act as filler around the organs of the body, accumulating fat, releasing energy and resisting insulin; while brown fat cells are used for basic energy consumption and to increase metabolism, as well as to change insulin sensitivity. It regulates body temperature and helps burn calories.

Brown cells can burn fat like small power plants that power the body’s cells. They produce heat that becomes a body heating system. Babies have a lot of these fat-burning cells, and if they weren’t there, they’d cool down quickly. Adults do not have many of these fat-burning cells, and obese people do not have them or almost do not. It is not known whether obesity destroys brown fat or does not cause obesity in adults.

People with thyroid disease or low thyroid activity usually suffer from cold and need to wear clothes even at moderate temperatures. Even in summer, these people are freezing, especially their hands and feet. In this state, metabolism slows down to such an extent that there is very little energy left and very low activity of brown fat.

Since obesity may be due to the lack of these fat-burning cells in our systems, finding a way to boost or ignite our fat-burning furnaces can be an elusive response to weight loss for obese people. What can we do to promote fat burning in our bodies until this mystery is solved?

Emphasize omega-3-rich fatty acids that promote brown fat function. Include oily fish such as tuna or salmon in your diet and/or add natural fish oil supplements to your diet. Make sure it is a supplement that is not devoid of essential fatty acids.

Always consult your health care provider before making any changes to your diet or adding supplements to your diet. This is especially important if you are taking prescription drugs.

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