Can Canola Oil Make Food Brown?

Lately, you’ve probably heard a lot about canola oil, both good and bad. Most bad news has no solid scientific basis. On the other hand, many of the health benefits of this oil are well understood. If the oil will brown your food, yes, if you use it for frying, barbecue or roast.

Canola oil health benefits

Canola oil is derived from canola seeds. Canola plants are recognized by the FDA as safe for humans. The bad reputation of the canola is largely due to the fact that it is a hybrid of rapeseed, which poses a danger to the health of animals and people. Canola oil contains a large amount of chemical – erucan acid, which in large quantities is poisonous. However, rapeseed is not the original rapeseed seed, and scientists have created it using an old-fashioned process of selective interbreeding to remove erucal acid. One of its advantages is that it contains little saturated fat and contains one of the highest amounts of monounsaturated fats.

Brown effect

Whether you brown your food and how brown it is depends on the cooking method you use. This oil has no excessive or unusual darkening effect in things like roasts, roasts and casseroles. But if you decide to sprinkle the roast with canola oil, fry something in it or use it for fried steaks, they are well browned. It is a light oil that does not have a noticeable darkening or staining of baking, dressings for salads or cold dishes. However, if you fry food in it, such as French fries or fried chicken, it is sure to turn brown.

The depth of the tan

You can control the degree of darkening or depth of color by controlling how long and at what temperature you cook anything. As with most oils, frying something in canola oil will gradually result in the formation of a crisp, golden or brown outer crust in deep-fried. This effect is universal and is caused by any oil that can be used for frying food. Similarly, the process of frying or grilling will brown your food, no matter what oil you use.

Influence on stale products

Another problem you may be concerned about is whether this oil will dim stale foods or make them become rancid and brown faster. As a rule, rapeseed oil does not brown and does not freeze food faster. But expired foods, originally cooked in canola oil, can give food an unusually strong rotten smell. The oil also tends to become rancid and brown when stored too long, so buy it fresh if you want to use it, or store it in a cool, dry place for up to two months.






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