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What Is Meant by Process Server?

Process server is a term which is not usually understood by Process server common man, it is a term used for people who are affiliated in the field of law which is used by lawyers. Today we live in the world which is moving forward and involves agreements and considerations almost everywhere, where one party feels that the other party is not functioning according to their agreements. This is where the job of process server comes in to deliver legal notices. Process servers deliver plaintiffs notifications to defendant, courts paper or notification to the involved parties at their homes and the good thing is that process servers are not party to the case. The hot area of litigation is foreclosure and this creates a greater requirement for process servers. Foreclosure is related to matters regarding property matters. Process servers deliver documents such as writs, court orders, divorce petition, bankruptcy petitions and family proceedings.

This is not a difficult job, but involves a lot of risk too, because when you deliver legal notice to the involved people they might react aggressively towards you and some might even fight with you or start cussing you. The hardest part of the job is when you do not find the defendant as he might have shifted else where or moved into hiding, some don’t answer their phones and doors, then you have to somehow manage and find them and hand them the papers, because it is in their interest if they follow courts order, and if they don’t then they might get in more problems, everybody has to abide by the courts order and present themselves in front of the judge, failure to do so makes matter more worse for the defending party as the court or administrative body may find the defendant in default and award relief to the claimant, petitioner or plaintiff.

Process server is a hot booming field and increasing with good pace, many people have shifted their professions and stepped into it, many of which have shifted from the real estate business as it has declined considerably. Serve fifteen to twenty clients a week and you can expect a good healthy income as much as an attorney earns annually. This business is based on proper charging on fixed fee basis usually ranging from $50 to $200 depending on the urgency and the type of documents.

To become a process server you have to be above the age of eighteen, and in some states there are requirements of an examination and education requirements but it tends to be less than what is required to obtain a real estate license and you can even work from your home.

If you are very well experienced and proper in your field of work then you will not have any problems because then your clients will have trust in your work and this field requires lot of honesty and hard work plus you need to show commitment to succeed in it.

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