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What is Caster Sugar & How To Make It At Home Instantly?

If you love baking then you must have heard about caster sugar and many different types of sugar. It is one of them that is used in many recipes.

It adds a very beautiful texture and taste to the baking dishes

It is a bit difficult to be found in many countries, but don’t worry I will tell you everything you need to know about it including some helpful tips and tricks if you don’t find it near your store.

Let’s begin with,

Page Contents

  • What is Caster Sugar?
  • Golden Caster Sugar
  • How to select castor sugar?
  • Where to buy Caster Sugar?
  • What if you don’t get it?
  • How to make Caster Sugar?
  • How to store Castor Sugar
  • Caster Sugar Substitutes
  • What is castor sugar in the US?
  • Comparison Of Sugars
  • Some desserts to try using castor sugar
  • FAQ
  • Conclusion

What is Caster Sugar?

Caster Sugar is granulated white sugar. It is most commonly used for baking.

There are several different names for the same in different places. It is known as castor sugar, superfine sugar, and also baker’s sugar in many places.

Commonly it is always confused with powdered sugar or confectioners sugar which is also known as icing sugar.caster sugar

Caster Sugar

Let me Define caster sugar to understand it better

It is granules of refined white sugar. The size of granules looks between typical sugar and finely powdered sugar.

There is one more sugar known as Golden Castor Sugar. You must be willing to know,

Golden Caster Sugar

Golden Caster sugar is fine granules of unrefined sugarcane, which gives it a pale golden color. The color justifies the name.

It is very popular in the UK. It is dry and free-flowing sugar.Golden Caster Sugar

Golden Caster Sugar

How to select castor sugar?

Selecting the right castor sugar is important for your recipe. We have mentions some tips to help you out in selecting the best for you.

  1. Castor Sugar comes in two types Refined and Unrefined form. You can choose the one you desire.
  2. You must check the packaging date of the castor sugar.
  3. Make sure that it is dry and not moisture when you are buying it
  4. Free movement and dry granules ensure that it is fresh

Where to buy Caster Sugar?

Castor Sugar is sold in nearly every major supermarket, Caster sugar price are very affordable.

You can buy Caster sugar online from various shopping websites like Amazon.

Caster sugar cost is nearly $30 per kg.

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Where To Buy Caster Sugar

What if you don’t get it?

You must be thinking can it be made at home and are there any substitutes?

The answer is yes for both the questions.

Let me answer both questions one by one

How to make Caster Sugar?


You have to simply process granulates sugar or regular in your food processor for 1 – 2 minutes.

Although it is simple I would give you some tips on this,

  • Step 1: Add a little extra sugar in the processor for the sugar that may stay in or may be processed to a fine powder.
  • Step 2: Cover the lid with a cloth so that the sugar dust does not come out and mess up around.
  • Step 3: Do not process it for more than 1-2 minutes, else you will end up with finely powdered sugar.

Just difference between the one you buy and the one you make at home is that the granules will be less uniform at home.

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How To Make Caster Sugar

How to store Castor Sugar

You can store castor sugar for a year. Here are some tips to do so

  • Keep in a cool and dry place to last longer
  • When you open the packet make sure you store it in an air-tight container
  • Make sure that the container is perfectly airtight so that it prevents the sugar to get hard or damp

Caster Sugar Substitutes

You can you different substitutes for different dishes.

  • If you need a substitute for making cakes where color is not important then you can use brown sugar or Demerara sugar, it won’t change the taste.
  • If you want a substitute in your pies, pudding, and pastries then you can use maple syrup or even corn syrup.
  • You can also use powdered sugar in some dishes.
  • You can also use honey for some dishes to get a moist and chewie texture, but remember it should be good quality, honey.
  • If you looking for a substitute for golden caster then you can use brown sugar. It will also give a very intense flavor.

Caster Sugar Substitute

Caster Sugar Substitute

What is castor sugar in the US?

Castor sugar is Caster Sugar which is refined white sugar that is grounded with consistency that is smaller than normal sugar and bigger then powdered sugar.

Comparison Of Sugars

Lets Compare Some Types Of  SugarsComparison of Sugars

Comparison of Sugars

  • Caster sugar vs granulated sugar

The difference between the caster and granulated sugar is that the castor is more finely grounded then granulated sugar.

Caster is used in meringues, sponge cakes, and souffles.

Granulated Sugar is used in dishes like creamed mixtures and whips.

  • Caster Sugar vs Sugar

The difference between both sugars is that Caster is a sugar that is of smaller granules than regular sugar.

You cannot substitute regular sugar with castor sugar but you can make caster by processing regular sugar.

  • Caster Sugar vs Icing Sugar

Mostly both of them are always been assumes as same, but they are not the same at all.

As you read above Caster is half coarse than the regular sugar granules whereas icing sugar is fine powdered sugar.

Caster is used in creamier and smoother deserts, also some bartenders use it in there drinks instead of thick syrups.

Icing sugar is used mostly for icing and whipped creams, you can say all decorative and frostings are done by using icing sugar.

  • Light Brown Sugar or Dark Brown Sugar

It becomes a bit confusion which sugar to use light brown or dark brown? when in a recipe it is written to use brown sugar. It is mostly suggested to use light brown sugar in such recipes.

Some desserts to try using castor sugar

Castor Sugar is used for desserts. The one quality of castor sugar is best that it dissolves easily. Here are some desserts in which you can try using castor sugar


  • White Chocolate and Raspberry Crème Brulee
  • Banana Chocolate Loaf
  • Lemon Meringue


  • Eggless Marble Cake
  • Orange Raisins Muffins
  • Apple and Almond Cake

Sprinkle on

You can also sprinkle on many desserts instead of using it in recipes.

  • Cappuccino Doughnuts
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies


What can I use in place of caster sugar?

The substitute will completely depend on the dish you are making, like in puddings you can use syrups like maple and corn, in cakes you can use brown sugar or powdered sugar you can also use golden castor in some dishes.

Can I use normal sugar instead of caster sugar?

No, you cannot use normal sugar but you can make caster at home by processing normal sugar for 1 to 2 minutes in your processor.

Is caster sugar is powdered sugar?

No, powdered sugar granules are finer than the caster.

What is caster sugar in the US?

Caster Sugar means refined white sugar that is grounded with consistency that is smaller than normal sugar and bigger then powdered sugar.

How do you make caster sugar?

Process normal sugar in your food processor for about a minute or two. Take care you do not process it longer else you would end up with powdered sugar instead.

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  • Caster sugar definition is that it is simply normal refined white sugar but in smaller granules.
  • It is not the same as icing sugar or powdered sugar.
  • You can replace it with maple syrup, powdered sugar, and even honey depending on the dish you are making.
  • Castor sugar can be made at home easily by using regular sugar and processing it in your food processor.
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