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Things To Do In Livigno

The atmosphere of the cross-country skiing area is so magical and different. It’s easy to be alone, just as it’s easy to chat with friends while skiing together. You can always take a break with a hot chocolate or a snack at the nearby restaurant, or simply enjoy the views of the surroundings and ski when you have the energy to do so. There are two main styles of cross-country skiing: the classic and the skating style.

You can learn about the history of Livigno with a trip to the Mottolino gondola. Guests can look for the ski slopes in the surrounding area. In and around Livigno you will find plenty of fun activities to do with the kids.

A special feature of the offer is undoubtedly the possibility of having a “ski sunrise” experience when skiing at the opening of the ski lifts with the slopes all in front of you. In addition, with the Giorgio Rocca Ski Academy it is possible to request a video recording service of your performances, so that you can analyze your skiing style together with a ski instructor and evaluate how you can improve. Very wide and safe slopes, with increasing difficulty, from very easy to more difficult with constant progression. From the meeting point of the ski school you can also directly reach the highest lifts of the Carosello 3000.

Lake Livigno turns into snowmobile tracks in winter, which offer one of the fastest and most exciting ways to explore the beautiful scenery of Lake Livigno. Livigno is considered the cross-country skiing region of Italy thanks to its excellent snow conditions and 30 km of cross-country trails. Now you have the opportunity to try your luck in biathlon and combine cross-country skiing with rifle shooting. I bought a 6-day pass, but after the first day on the I didn’t know if I wanted to use it for the rest of the holiday.

For snowboards you can rent a ‘splitboard’, which is literally a short set of skis that are attached together as one, you turn the bindings over and you are ready to snowboard. The final piece of equipment is touring skins, which are attached to the bottom of the ski, giving it surprisingly good grip. You can’t miss the thrill of paragliding in the sky of Livigno and admiring the scenery from above.

Whether it’s the roar of the city you crave, or the quiet solitude that comes with an easier outing, everything you need to get started is here. Different non-steep slopes of different treno rosso del bernina lengths will satisfy everyone, some feel like racing slopes. If you don’t like skiing or snowboarding, you can try tubing. Or if you don’t like snow at all, you can try ice skating.

Ride the slopes of Livigno with a visit to Mottolino Fun Mountain. While in the area, you can find time to visit the spas. Hike the slopes of Livigno with a visit to the Valtellina ski area.

Then comes the descent, the moment we had been waiting for. We removed the skins from the skis, changed the bindings and Melvin repaired his snowboard, we were ready. There really aren’t much greater sensations in skiing than intact, fresh, fluffy dust. Skiing in the middle of nature, through the trees, in the softest and coolest fabric overlooking Trepalle.