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How To Design A Custom Engagement Ring

Diamonds are the stone of choice for engagement rings, largely due to the diamond industry’s marketing efforts throughout the 20th century. However, there is no denying that diamonds are distinguished in their natural qualities and optical beauty. The best quality diamonds have the highest GIA qualities in cut, color, clarity and carat. There are many different factors that come into play when designing a custom engagement ring.

The designs of Halo, a central stone surrounded by smaller stones, are also large during this time. Since these styles are all the rage, you’re likely to see them in many stores and online. But just because you see a design everywhere doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Most bridal jewelry brands design custom engagement rings, so if there’s a particular designer you follow and love, get in touch and ask about the custom process and price range. Check out the engagement rings they designed and make sure their style suits yours.

Don’t get bogged down in the details when it comes to choosing a central stone for your engagement ring. Our suggestion is to look at a variety of diamonds and gemstones before asking questions about certificates, cut, clarity, carat and color. We are experts in engagement rings and take the time to understand your aesthetics and guide you through the entire process. We specialize in custom jewelry and years of experience means we are able to fully understand your needs.

To help you make a quick decision, let’s share some expert tips that answer all the questions about wedding ring selection. This step will help you narrow down the details of the custom ring you are going to design. Did you say anything about the specific clarity you want (VS₁, VVS₂, etc.)? By answering these questions in advance, you can also figure out what fits your budget and what doesn’t.

By looking at examples of engagement rings, you can begin to familiarize yourself with the types of gemstones, stone cuts, and available stone size options. Collect photos of the engagement rings you like, along with what you like about the ring. You need to consider the type of wedding rings you want when designing an engagement ring. If DR custom ring you want your band to be flush with the engagement ring or if you don’t mind having a small gap between the two, this will affect your final design. An already engaged couple should be clear about the total time frame for marriage preparation. Keep in mind that buying wedding rings would take up a large portion of the preparation time.

We can go into the details about the bands and the lineup after discussing the creative process. Our in-house designers come back to you with configurations that are aesthetically pleasing and safe based on your design requirements. A good place to start is to take Gemrize’s “Get Creating” quiz that shows you a variety of settings to choose from. If you have a ring with a stone that you don’t particularly like or would like to try to mimic the appearance of another stone, then you have the option to change the shape of your central stone.

When you know how much to spend on the rings, it would be easier to keep the entire wedding budget in place. Well, jewelry experts often suggest that about three to five percent of the wedding budget should be set aside for rings. Also, keep in mind that the budget varies with the ring configuration, design, metal, style, and choice of diamonds. Therefore, the couple should sit together and decide what type of wedding rings they want.

Follow a step-by-step guide through the consideration and inspiration process that will help you decide on the materials you want to make your ring with. And check out the different options for your gemstone rings, stone grinding and fitting. While an expert can help you create a ring from scratch, it’s a good idea to do your own preliminary research. Browse Pinterest and build a board with all your favorites, or shop for window displays on jewelry sites.

Channel settings align the inside of the ring with metal to strengthen the ring. Filigree settings add a variety of worn stones or metals to the band to make it look vintage. There are other options based on how bright, reflective or unique you want the band to look. In general, the larger the stone, the more expensive it will be.