Rocks of Wonder

How beautiful are the works of the Lord!

The earth from its crust with all God’s creation and wonders gives an abundance of rocks for different uses.

While time evolves, through science and changes these rocks form new elements.

Jewelry, food, industrial and healing equipments are birthed from these earth gems and stones like decorations and colors pouring out from a pot of gold, coming from rainbow and stars as adornment for human hands and neck.

A famous and kind professor /noted playwright Tony Perez gave us, his students, a stone to absorb negative energy from the body. So I believed him. And then, every time I went out, that time I started to do mind exercises and alignments. Some people say colors and the earth affect moods of the body, and how about the moon changing its phases?

How about the werewolf that eats when the moon is full?

And the vampires that sucks blood under night shadows?

The earth is full of stories. The forests, the mountains and into the deep are mysteries and wonders. Fiction culls from God’s creation, earth and time (God’s works).

Check these rocks:

Emerald is grass-green, unflawed stone exceeding six carats. It commands high prices and ranks with diamond and ruby as the most precious stone ( abundant in Columbia).

Zircon Zirconium silicate Besides being a gemstone, zircon also provides the Zirconium Rod used in refractories and ceramics. Zirconium metal is used in steel alloys and wireless valves.

Diamond is the hardest known mineral – crystallized deep down at high temperature and pressure, and brought to surface in “kimberlite” pipes. Photograph shows a crystal in kimberlite. Most diamonds are used in industry, for cutting or abrasive purposes ( abundant in Kimberly, South Africa).

Sulphur (brimstone) essential to modern industry, used in manufacture of sulphuric acid, paper, insecticides, and vulcanizing rubber goods ( Texas, USA).

Silver Specimen carries come milky-white quartz. Used as alloy with copper in coinage, plate and jewelry. Used in the electrical, photographic and chemical industries and in brazing solder (Mexico).

Platinum Natural platinum usually contains variable amounts of the other platinum group metals – palladium, iridium, osmium, rhodium, and ruthenium. It is hardened with iridium or ruthenium. It is used in jewellery and laboratory equipment, the electrical industry, dentistry, and several important industrial processes (Urals).



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