The Summer Make-uproutine Perfect For Oily Skin

Use an adjustment spray after applying the primer. This ensures that the make-up attaches to the skin. Women with oily skin often have melting or makeup spots. While you still need to stay away from a bright-looking base, you can move a natural finish base completely as long as you have a long-lasting formula! A long-lasting formula helps your base stay still even if your oily skin dares to challenge it. Try the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Up to 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation, Lightweight, which has a medium to full coverage formula that can withstand sweat, water and transmission.

Here are six ways I keep my makeup cool all summer. A well-stocked makeup bag is your best friend in the summer heat. I always keep a mini adjustment spray, a small powder brush, a compact permanent eyebrow pressed powder and oil spill sheets in my makeup bag. Matte primer ensures that you do not start with an oily surface and the powder or brewing spray ensures that you do not finish one.

On the other hand, Casu prefers to use powder to determine the base makeup. “Choose a soft, clear powder and use a small brush to touch your nose, forehead and the central parts of your cheeks,” he explains. Use great eye prints specially designed for eyelids to prevent wrinkles or if not available, uncreated concealers are the best replacement.

Apply a wrinkle-free mattifying concealer very lightly and push it slightly with a loose powder. The base creates a perfect eyeshadow canvas and eyeliner while absorbing oils that cause folds all day long. With this last tip we call the next difficult part of life with oily skin: wearing and enjoying makeup.

For this reason, women with this type of skin often look for specialized makeup tips for oily skin. Makeup sprays are essential for people with oily skin. This should be the last step in your makeup routine, designed to lock your makeup in place and prevent it from melting, flattering and wrinkling. The translucent powder fit is a blessing for oily skin. “Close” your makeup and prevent it from melting or rippling even at high temperatures.

The path to a good makeup look starts long before you apply your base. Preparing your skin well offers a clean canvas that best suits the makeup application. It is best to start cleansing and exfoliating the skin, which can help control any excess sebum and reduce the appearance of pores.

Use a loosely sloping powder that is translucent and matte. This can help reduce oily skin and shiny areas, but is applied lightly. Avoid shiny powders because they only improve the shiny areas that cause the thick skin. You don’t have to do a full facial application of finishing powder, but to target the most tricky places including your nose, chin and forehead.


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