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Teeth Stained After The Brakes? What You Can Do Now

You must purchase an interdental toothbrush to replace dental floss. These special toothbrushes look like bottle brushes and fit between teeth and cables and supports, cleaning food scraps. Removing plaque and food scraps is a big step to ensure that your teeth are not yellow after the braces. Smoking and eating red fruits and berries will stain your teeth, so avoid this. Visit your orthodontist: to keep your teeth and gums in good condition, dentists recommend taking an oral exam and professional dental cleaning twice a year.

There are even different ways to minimize or eliminate stains when it affects the teeth. In extreme cases of discoloration, a dentist orthodontist veneer may recommend covering it. These are thin, tooth-colored shells attached to the front surface of the teeth. While it is not possible to recover the lost email, it is possible to stop the demineralization and those white spots that often belong.

As your teeth change during your orthodontic treatment, this will create an uneven shadow spectrum in your smile. When white spots remain on the teeth after the braces, the most common cause is descaling. It is caused by a breakdown of minerals in the teeth under the supports. Not only can you make them disappear, but our orthodontist can help you with options to solve the problem. You will find that this is enough to mitigate the effect of stains on teeth. If your efforts are not enough, you need more professional measures.

However, without treatment, the teeth stained after the brakes will not disappear, although they will fade gradually. This means that you sand the top layer of your enamel to Zahnarzt Z├╝rich correct the color of your teeth with pumice stone or diamond. It is generally very effective in improving the appearance of teeth and works for both white and color spots.

As soon as the stains appear, they probably stay there because they don’t disappear easily and are not completely reversible. Eat less sugar: sugar, acidic and starch food is extremely harmful to the teeth because it promotes plaque, stain and tooth decay. Hard or sticky candies can also get stuck in braces or teeth and damage cables or supports. While you should avoid these items even if you are not using braces, it is especially important to stay away from them at the same time.

Some spots become less intense over time by exposing yourself to your saliva, so we can’t immediately recommend bleaching treatment. If the stains are still visible after a few months, you can use over-the-counter products or a dentist will whiten your teeth professionally for a more even result. White spots are often seen on teeth after braking is removed, as it is much more difficult to keep teeth clean while the braces are on.

The resin is colored to match the rest of the tooth and eliminates any discoloration problems. It is easy to see the white spots on the teeth that remain after removing the brakes, because they have a lighter shade than the rest of the natural enamel on the tooth. These white spots are locations where the minerals in your teeth have been worn or removed. The best way to remove the stains from braces is to avoid them first. If you’ve just removed the braces and noticed white spots or stains on your teeth, don’t worry too much. In addition to cosmetic problems, bleaching brakes can also cause irritation.