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True Or False? Facts And Myths About Teeth

Even if you don’t experience a toothache, we recommend that you visit a dentist twice a year for regular cleaning and exams. Some dental problems are asymptomatic, but they can still cause infection and need treatment. If you have to wait too long, the necessary treatment may be more expensive than if the disease contracted before it got worse.

Respiratory infections: The Journal of Periodontology warns that gum disease can cause infections in the lungs, including pneumonia. While the compound may not be clear at first, think about what could happen if you Zahnarzt Bern inhale infected tooth and gum bacteria for a long time. Not only sugar is problematic for your teeth; Acidity is also equally harmful. Over time, the acid in soft drinks, sugar-free or not can cause enamel wear.

Dentists are people out there to make your teeth healthier. They will not perform procedures that they think could damage their teeth. Cosmetic dentists are safe and do not damage teeth in any way . On the other hand, specific cosmetic dental procedures can promote the health of your natural teeth.

Some dental myths have been passed down for generations and continue to spread as the truth of the gospel when this is not the case. In this blog we look at six common dental myths and explore the real facts behind them. Bad breath can be a symptom of a number of possible dental health problems, from gum disease to acid reflux. If you have chronic bad breath, no amount of peppermint will solve the problem.

Crooked teth can also cause various dental health problems. Foods such as crackers, fries and white bread do much more damage to teeth. Not only is this type of food full of sugars that break down teeth, but they are also very sticky. They have a special ability to cover their teeth, get stuck in hard-to-reach corners and sneak between their teeth. When bacteria eat sugars, they excrete acid that erodes and demineralizes teeth, creating cavities and tooth decay. However, brushing near the gum line is not a solution, because it is difficult to clean your teeth properly.

It only takes a few minutes of your day to maintain healthy oral hygiene. But some wrong practices can leave some irreversible damage, making it really important for us to break through such myths. Brushing your baby’s teeth has a priority that will lead his dental hygiene habits to adulthood.